Cooking with Olive Oil

Posted by Rick Petrocelly on 11th Mar 2018

One of the benefits to using olive oil is the fact that it is so versatile. Whether you’re baking, frying, or sauteing there is an olive oil perfect for you. There are also a great amount of health benefits that come with using olive oil as a substitute for regular oil. Because there is such a high variety of olive oils, it can be difficult choosing which one may be best for your dish. The best suggestion is to decide what type of olive oil is best for you to use is to decide what flavor you want to add to your dish. The one thing that should be remembered is that olive oil has a much lower smoke point than vegetable oil. The smoke point for most olive oils is between 380 and 410 degrees F.

Baking with Olive Oil: Because olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat, it reduces the risk of heart disease and decreases the odds for inflammation. There is a wide variety of traditional Mediterranean-style desserts that are made with olive oil, but you can typically substitute olive oil for butter in traditional baking recipes. By making this replacement, you’ll not only end up with a healthier dish, but you’ll also make a major enhancement to the flavor of the dish. The recommended olive oil for baking is extra virgin olive oil because of the balance it provides to many deserts.

Frying with Olive Oil: Frying with olive oil is possible, so long at it is done at a reasonably low temperature. One online study finds that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil offers more nutritional value than boiling vegetables. Frying food with extra virgin olive oil makes it possible to enjoy traditionally fried foods without having to suffer from the numerous health drawbacks. The main precaution is frying the food you’re preparing properly. Pure or regular olive oil would be the recommended type of oil to use for frying dishes because of the fact that they are both a blend of refined and virgin olive oils. The neutral flavor of a pure olive oil will also have a minimal impact on the taste of your dish.

Sauteing With Olive Oil: Sauteing with olive oil is quite similar to frying with olive oil. Sauteing is simply applying a fair amount of oil to a heated pan. It is recommended to use this method with vegetables as opposed to meats. If you’re pressed for time, this method could be quite effective in preparing a quick side dish for a meal. All it takes is a moment of preheating the stove before applying the ingredients. Typically, sauteing vegetables with olive oil shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes. Sauteing vegetables with olive oil is a great way to add nutritional value to nearly any meal.

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