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Nutrition Facts About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by Lindsey Menhusen on

It’s commonly known that extra-virgin olive oil has nutritional benefits greater than most olive oils for cooking. The specific nutrition facts about about extra virgin olive oil will only encourage you to incorporate it into your diet more frequently. Additionally, the many nutrition benefits of olive oil can be taken advantage of no matter how you choose to absorb the extra virgin olive oil. Because all of the nutritional benefits of extra virgin olive oil, it can also be used as a replacement for regular cooking oil, meaning you can enjoy some of your favorite dishes without worrying about unnecessary fat.

Some think of extra-virgin olive oil as being similar to fruit juices for their nutrients. Similar to fruit juices, extra-virgin olive oil is extracted from olives which have abundantly more nutrients than just their juices. Extra-virgin olive oil contains just a fraction of all the health benefits that are present in olives. After the wastewater from olives is discarded by the olive oil producers, it’s then processed and bottled. The water-soluble nutrients present in the refined water contribute directly to the amount of nutrients present in your bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil is derived using the cold press method.

Extra-virgin olive oil is a pivotal part of the highly-effective Mediterranean diet. Known for being one of the most healthy dietary patterns in existence, the Mediterranean diet is known for being rich with “healthy fats”. The presence of extra virgin olive oil is partly responsible for the reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease from those who take part in the diet. The Mediterranean diet has been studied deeply, and results show that a high-fat Mediterranean with high levels of extra-virgin olive oil can outperform a low-fat diet in weight loss in people suffering from pre-existing chronic health issues.

Extra-virgin olive oil can be crucial in preventing major diseases such as Alzheimers disease. Researchers in Italy found that the presence of polyphenols in extra-virgin olive oil may prevent or delay the appearance of the disease. Extra-virgin olive oil can also play a key role in fighting specific types of cancer. Specific types of fat, like the mono-unsaturated fatty acid present in extra-virgin olive oil are known to play a protective role against fighting cancer.

Incorporating extra-virgin olive oil into your diet can have a phenomenal impact on your diet. If you’re looking for a place to find gourmet extra-virgin olive oil to your diet, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to The Olive Tap! You’ll find multiple options for extra-virgin olive oil that can replace unhealthy cooking oil in your recipes. The nutrients present in extra-virgin olive oil allow you to partake in some of the nutrition available in olives. Once you begin partaking in extra-virgin olive oil, the health benefits you’ll receive will be abundant. The small adjustment in your diet could be the key to leading a longer, healthier life. The Olive Tap would be more than happy to help you select an olive oil that will seamlessly integrate into your diet.