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Olive Oil & its Hidden Health Benefits

Posted by Rick Petrocelly on

It’s no secret that olive oil is healthier than the average cooking oil, but it’s health benefits in general are bountiful and beneficial. If you haven’t incorporated olive oil, there are some great reasons you should consider doing so. From cosmetic purposes, to weight loss, the majority of olive oil’s health benefits are largely unknown.

Olive Oil for Skin Care:
Olive oil is heavy in vitamins and antioxidant properties which makes it a fantastic moisturizer. Anyone suffering from acne should consider using organic olive oil to help combat it. Olive oil is a common ingredient in lotions, soaps and other face wash products.

Olive Oil for Hair Care: Olive oil offers many benefits to improving the health of hair. It can soften your hair, fight dandruff and prevent hair loss. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that can be applied directly to the scalp to prevent dryness. Olive oil also improves the long-term health and shine of your hair. It works to prevent the production of the hormone DTH, which causes the follicle shaft to narrow, which initiates hair loss.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Weight Loss:Fatty acids are the main component of weight loss in extra virgin olive oil. By regularly consuming extra virgin olive oil, the feeling of fullness increases. Extra virgin olive oil also serves as a great substitute for butter or other cooking oils. It is commonly believed, especially among Mediterranean societies that taking a quick drink of extra virgin olive oil can aid in weight-loss and longevity over the years.

Lowering Your Cholesterol with Olive Oil:Olive oil is rich in antioxidants which helps it lower LDL cholesterol and helps increase HDL, which is good cholesterol. Olive oil is also filled with phenolics, which are plant substances that reduces the odds of blood clots. If you replace other fats with olive oil or find a way to consume two tablespoons of it a day, your cholesterol and heart health will surely improve.

Take these factors into consideration the next time you visit a local olive oil store. The natural benefits and remedies it provides are countless. Taking advantage of these health benefits is seamless, too. Most likely, if you have a bottle of olive oil in your cabinet, you can start taking advantage of these amazing health benefits olive oil has to offer.