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Bread Dipping Gift Baskets


All of our Gourmet Bread Dipping Gift Baskets are perfectly designed for anyone who loves to dip crusty, artisan bread into freshly poured and seasoned olive oil.  Recipients just need to pick-up their favorite bread, blend the seasonings with our fresh olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar, let the seasonings sit for a few minutes and dip away!

A great affordable gift for just about any occasion!




PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.

  • The Mini Dipper Gift Set

    A perfect, mini gift set for host/hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or that hard to shop for grab bag gift.  The Olive Tap's Mini Dipper includes the simple basics of Olive Oil bread dipping (without the...

  • The Bread Dipper Gift Set

    This gourmet gift makes a great host/hostess gift, stocking stuffer, teacher gift, corporate gift or that hard to shop for grab bag gift.  The Olive Tap's Little Dipper includes the basics of Olive Oil bread dipping...

  • The Bread Dipping Sampler

    A sampler gift specifically designed for bread dipping! A fabulous “bring along appetizer” for the host/hostess...just be sure to pick up some crusty bread! This popular gift basket features: 100% Extra...

  • The Bread Dipper Gift Box

    The Bread Dipper Gift Box includes all of the necessary Olive Oil bread dipping ingredients except the crusty bread. Certainly an affordable and easy “bring along appetizer” or perfect host/hostess gift. This gourmet gift...