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Jams, Glazes & Dessert Sauces

Whether you spread it or drizzle it, our line of gourmet jams, jellies and dessert sauces will have you licking your plate!

PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.

  • Apple Butter

    Just like Grandma used to make from her freshly ripened apples from the fall harvest, our Apple Butter is freshly mashed and perfectly seasoned with all natural ingredients. The perfect, healthy spread for freshly baked...

  • Black Forest Chocolate Liqueur Sauce

    The sumptuous taste of chocolate and cherries create the ultimate dessert topping for ice cream, cheesecake, pastries and crepes. New Larger Size: 11 oz.   *Manufactured in equipment used to manufacture nut products...

  • Blueberry Chardonnay Balsamic Glaze

    This award-winning sauce of perfectly ripened blueberries blended with Chardonnay wine and aged balsamic vinegar is simply divine! Unforgettable as a finishing sauce over grilled meats, especially poultry. Incredible as a...

  • Pumpkin Butter

    Go beyond autumn all year round with our all natural pumpkin butter. Freshly baked pumpkin, perfectly seasoned with spices and brown sugar, are crushed and blended with natural ingredients for a flavorful, no fat alternative...

  • Strawberry Zinfandel Balsamic Glaze

    This award-winning sauce of sweet strawberries blended with Zinfandel wine and aged balsamic vinegar is unforgettable as a glaze on chicken breasts topped with crumbled feta cheese. Simply divine over various lemon cakes,...

  • Raspberry Merlot Balsamic Glaze

    Sweet-tart raspberries blended with Merlot wine and aged balsamic vinegar create a delightful sauce for pork and both grilled or roasted beef. Drizzle it over pound cake topped with freshly whipped cream and white chocolate...

  • Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Sauce

    The extraordinary flavor combination of raspberries and chocolate enhanced with black raspberry liqueur makes an irresistible topping for ice cream, cheesecake & pastries or served over crepes. New larger size: 11 oz...

  • Espresso Chocolate Liqueur Sauce

    The full bodied flavor of dark roast espresso, blended with the richest bittersweet chocolate and the sweet smooth flavor of coffee liqueur is incredible served over ice cream, cheesecake, pastries and crepes. New larger...

  • Red Pepper Jalapeño Jelly

    Freshly roasted red peppers and jalapeños are chopped, cooked and stirred to perfection resulting in this spicy-sweet jelly. The bits of peppers makes this a festive spread for the holidays and perfect for serving...

  • Raspberry Jalapeño Jelly

    Freshly picked raspberries and jalapeños are cooked and stirred to perfection resulting in this sweet, tart and spicy jelly. Brush a touch ribs or pork chops at the end of grilling and in pan juices to add flavor and...