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New, Gourmet Stuffed Olive Line! 

Simply imagine a line of delectable, bold, hand-stuffed queen olives with all a broad variety of surprises inside the pit of the olive  The Olive Tap's line of gourmet stuffed olives are sure to delight any olive lover and quite potentially tantalize a novice nibbler.  Mild or hot, traditional or unique, you will simply want to try them all!

PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.

  • Olive Juice Dirty Martini Mix

    New and Larger Size!  Our Olive Juice Dirty Martini Mix is a staple for your home bar and perfect for your next party. Made from premium green olives; add a little to kick up the flavor of your next martini.  If...

  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives

    Large, crisp queen olives are hand stuffed with authentic, creamy blue cheese.  The blue cheese remains stuffed in the olive while not clouding the brine.  Absolutely second to none! The delectable texture of both...

  • Queen Olives Double Stuffed with Jalapeno and Garlic

    Award Winning!  These queen stuffed green olives are truly double trouble!  Hand stuffed with fresh Jalapeno peppers and garlic cloves, it is the perfect amount of spice and flavor.  Each olive exhibits a...

  • Garlic Stuffed Queen Olives

    Calling all Garlic Lovers (Olive Lovers too)! These gourmet hand stuffed olives simply take an entire clove of punchy garlic and stuff it into the entire pit of a queen olive.  With just one pop in the mouth and first...

  • Feta Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives

    These delectable, large, queen olives are hand stuffed with delicious, creamy Feta cheese.  Yet another combination of both the olives and cheese blending flavorfully with each and every bite!  Place packed in the...

  • Fire in the Pit Stuffed Queen Olives

    Don't be deceived by how attractive these olives look in the jar, they are very hot!  Each queen olive is hand stuffed with a hot crisp Piri Piri pepper from Turkey. Perfect for just about any olive lover who enjoys...

  • Pepper Jack Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives

    Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese, featuring Jalepeño peppers delicately blended with buttery Monterey Jack cheese, are hand stuffed into premium queen olives.  Perfect in your favorite martini, on party trays, in cooking...