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100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils

 About Our EVOOs... 

Freshly pressed, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from impeccably credentialed, Award-Winning small batch producers from around the world.  Our artisan
produced, single-varietal and custom blended EVOOs exhibit a full range of flavor profiles from mild to robust.  Flavored olive oils are produced using
the Agrumato or Infusion methods for authentic taste.

  • All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) are tested to meet and exceed U.S. and International standards.
  • Our California EVOOs are Certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC).
  • Our EVOOs are of highest quality, low acidity, superior texture and aroma.
  • From the trees to our tanks in the shortest time possible for maximum freshness and extended shelf life.
  • Stored and bottled under optimal conditions.
  • Proven heart-healthy and cancer inhibiting benefits. 

Nutritional Information on our Olive Oils

PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.


  • Spanish Gold 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The Designation of Origin (PDO) Estepa is one of the most prestigious and demanding certifications of all Spanish Olive Oils. Produced in Andalusía, where the famous dry Mediterranean climate and perfect soil are...

  • Koroneiki 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - from Chile

    The most famous of Greek varietals, our fresh 2019 Harvest Koroneiki EVOO from Chile has the perfect characteristics one would expect in a super-premium olive oil. It has delicate floral and herbal aromas, and exhibits the...

  • Picual 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Chile

    This is a very complex, multi-flavored, well balanced, fresh, green Picual.  It has some of the classic ripe passion fruit characteristic along with a celery-like flavor and persistent mild pepper finish. Crushed...

  • Arbequina 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

    Arbequina will be back in stock when the 2019 harvest is ready early in 2020. A long time staff and customer favorite. The Olive Tap's Arbequina is Estate Grown in a small Northern California Valley by an Award Winning...

  • Italiano Puglia 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Award Winning oil from Puglia.  A variation of our traditional Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this classic Puglia oil is produced in the rarely used stone ground method with Ogliarola Barese and Coratina Olives...

  • Mia's Blend 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Just like its namesake, this Olive Tap house blend is bold, fresh, sweet and just a little bit sassy. It is a proprietary combination of Italian and Spanish varietals from a multi Award Winning American producer. By blending...

  • Olio Nuovo Arbequina 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This 2019 Fall Press is a must have for anyone who appreciates artisan extra virgin olive oil.  The first milled Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the year is called Olio Nuovo, and the finest estate grown olives were...

  • Kalamata 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This customer favorite is produced on a small family estate, this olive oil will be a special treat for those that are fond of Kalamata olives. These olives are so highly valued for eating, only a small amount is available...

  • Frantoio 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

    This is a robust oil with a very strong, spicy herbal flavor and a great balance.  It has a pleasant grassy and floral aroma.  The ripe fruit flavors are subtle, and the green herbal flavors give it quite a kick...

  • Ascolano 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This Multi Award Winner is a superb Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is very well-balanced with flavors of peaches & apricots, fresh cut grass, tomato leaf.  It is a 2019 winner of:  Best of Show...

  • Chiquitita 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This rare hybrid varietal is a relative newcomer to the world of EVOO. It was developed in Spain, and is a cross between the extremely popular mild Arbequina and robust Picual olives. Our Chiquitita EVOO is extremely well...