About Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils... 

Freshly pressed, premium 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from impeccably credentialed, Award-Winning small batch producers from around the world. Our artisan produced, single-varietal and custom blended Extra Virgin Olive Oils exhibit a full range of flavor profiles from mild to robust.  Flavored olive oils are produced using the Fusion or Infusion methods for authentic taste.

  • All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are First Cold Pressed and tested to meet and exceed U.S. and International standards.
  • Our California Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Certified by the California Olive Oil Council.
  • Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are of highest quality, low acidity, superior texture and aroma.
  • From the trees to our tanks in the shortest time possible for maximum freshness and extended shelf life.
  • Stored and bottled under optimal conditions.
  • Proven heart-healthy and cancer inhibiting benefits. 

Nutritional Information on our Olive Oils

PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.


100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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