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Olive Oils

Whether it's a 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flavor Infused Olive Oil, we focus on providing our customers only the freshest, premium products from around the world. Our oils come from impeccably credentialed, Award-Winning producers worldwide and are tested to meet or exceed U.S. and International Standards.

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Many of our flavored olive oils are produced using the Agrumato method, which is the process of simultaneously crushing select fruit, herbs, garlic, peppers, etc. with the olives to produce exceptionally flavored olive oils.  It is also important to know that our flavor infused olive oils are flavored naturally by each artisan producer and the base olive oils (prior to flavoring) are always 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, therefore providing the same, heart-healthy, cancer inhibiting benefits.

We strive to provide you with as much descriptive detail as possible in case you are not able to taste and experience the distinct flavors of our oils in one of our stores.              

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PLEASE NOTE: Product selection and availability varies across our retail locations. Please call the store directly to confirm specific product availability.
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  • Tuscan Herbs

    Our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil is an amazing proprietary blend of herbs featuring Oregano, Basil, Garlic, and Rosemary.  It is our most popular flavored olive oil and is by far the best tasting Tuscan Herb blend you can...

  • Garlic

    Clearly this is one of our most popular oils of all time at The Olive Tap.  Our producer combines a Gold Medal winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the essential oil from luscious roasted garlic.  The result is a...

  • Sorrento Lemons

    Inspired by the flavored oils and Limoncello we experienced during a supplier visit to Sorrento, Italy.  We strive to duplicate the flavor of Sorrento Lemons, in which both the aroma and taste are unmistakable with a...

  • Basil

    This Award Winning Olive Oil is a staff and customer favorite!  Basil leaves are crushed together with California estate grown olives using the Agrumato method.  The result is fresh, unfiltered, premium oil that...

  • Bacon Strips

    Bacon has become a hugely popular flavor in the culinary world and now you can get healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a rich, smoky all natural bacon flavor.  Compared to rendered bacon grease that is high in saturated...

  • Persian Limes

    A perennial Olive Tap favorite from an Award Winning producer. Our Persian Lime Olive Oil is smooth with a punch of lime and zest; with hints of pear and apple. It exhibits a fragrant, yet delicate citrus characterl. ...

  • Butter

    Any lover of butter will certainly appreciate our Natural Buttery Olive Oil.  One of our exclusive artisan producers creates this absolutely decadent oil by selecting a smooth, creamy and buttery 100% Extra Virgin Olive...

  • Garlic Basil

    Two great flavors in one Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Our custom Garlic-Basil Blend has the essence of slow roasted Garlic and the sweet flavor of fresh Basil, creating one oil everyone will love. This blend is an excellent all...

  • Sorrento Oranges

    We are currently out of stock of our Sorrento Orange Agrumato.  Try our new infused Blood Orange Olive Oil. Oranges and Olives grown on the sunny hillsides of Puglia are crushed simultaneously to produce exquisite...

  • Spanish Gold 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The Designation of Origin (PDO) Estepa is one of the most prestigious and demanding certifications of all Spanish Olive Oils. Produced in Andalucía, this premium Hojiblanca, Arbequina blend is a Gold Medal Winner at...

  • Italiano 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The Olive Tap’s Italiano is a Gold Medal Winner at the Best Olive Oils in the World competition in New York. Composed primarily from Ortice, Leccino and Pendolino olives; it has aromas of chicory and fresh lettuce and...

  • Chipotle Pepper

    The unique combination of smoky flavor with peppery heat makes this oil perfect for so many uses! Use our Chipotle Olive Oil to flavor meats on the grill, in Chili, and drizzle on top of soups, stews and roasted potatoes...

  • Parmesan Cheese

    A premium quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with a proprietary blend of peppers, herbs, and Parmesan Cheese to produce oil with an exceptional flavor and aroma. The Olive Tap’s Spicy Garlic Parmesan...

  • Jalapenos

    The flavor and aroma you get from a fresh picked Jalapeño will greet you when you try this Olive Tap favorite.  Fresh Jalapeños are crushed together with organically grown olives using the Agrumato method...

  • Porcini Mushrooms

    This is fantastic oil with a flavor that can only be surpassed by fresh Porcini Mushrooms.  It has a deep, fresh, nutty, mushroom flavor and an aroma to die for!  It is made in Italy by a small producer who closely...

  • Herbes de Provence

    The enchanting and classic flavor of Herbes de Provence in a base of premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil will do magical things in your kitchen. Use this savory infused olive oil as finishing oil on meats, fowl and fish...

  • White Truffle Oil - 100 ml. Bottle

    Artisan produced in Umbria Italy, using Truffles grown on 12 year organic land, our White Truffle Olive Oil is unique, and unlike any other.  It is produced in a patented process where the Truffles are placed in a...

  • Holiday Herb Olive Oil

    This is a Seasonal product and we are currently out of stock, please check back in the Fall. A Fall / Holiday Seasonal Favorite! This proprietary, limited edition herbal infused olive oil includes Oregano, Rosemary,...

  • Hot Chili Peppers

    Hot peppers and premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil are used to create this hot and delicious flavor infused olive oil.  The nice forward flavor of hot peppers quickly transitions to a robust, but not overwhelming, higher...

  • Lemon and Garlic Olive Oil

    We have combined two of our extremely popular Olive Oils together for an exclusive Olive Tap Blend...Lemon and Garlic.  By merging two flavors, the sweet zesty taste of lemons with the savoriness of roasted garlic, the...