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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

 The Olive Tap Pittsburgh 
    Opening in May
 Our New Location in the Strip District                         
  108 19th Street         
  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Located in the Pittsburgh Strip District, "The Strip" as it is called by locals, The Olive Tap Pittsburgh has found a perfect home. With just one visit to area, it's easy to envision what it must have been like in decades past.  Today, alive with energy, old factories and warehouses have been converted into eclectic shops, lofts and upscale residential living.  With many one-of-a-kind boutiques, you can find just about any kind of wares, from fresh produce, meat, poultry, fish, spices, coffee, baked goods and of course, quality, freshly pressed Olive Oil and aged Balsamic Vinegars from The Olive Tap!

Arguably one of Pittsburgh's most fascinating places to visit, entreprenurial sidewalk vendors sell their products from around-the-world with restaurants abound. Cookware and demonstrations by local chefs are also available as well as cooking classes.

Please be sure to stop on in to sample our freshly pressed 100% EVOOs, Flavored Olive Oils and aged Balsamic Vinegars from Modena, Italy.  Our seasoned staff will guide you though a one-of a-kind tasting experience to find your favorites. Once you have narrowed your selections, we will freshly tap, cork and seal your selections on the spot, so you know that what you tasted is exactly what is going home with you.





Taste, quality freshly pressed 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Flavored Oils and Specialty Oils.

Experience the rich flavor of aged Balsamic Vinegars imported from Modena, Italy.

Combine Olive Oils and Vinegars to taste a "winning combination"....what we call "Perfect Pairings".

Shop for Gourmet Gift Baskets, International Specialty Foods and more! 


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