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What to Look for When Buying Olive Oil

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When consuming Olive Oil, it is advisable to check its acidity and expiration date. Normally the olive oil should be consumed within 12 months. Previously it was possible to find oil of first and second pressing processes, but now the process is unique and the oil is pressed once in cold or by the variation of pressure and temperature. It is much more common to find extra-virgin olive oil bottled. It is advisable to seek oil bottled in darker packages, since the incidence of light catalyses the oxidation of the product.

When stocking olive oil, consider that light, heat and air are highly detrimental to the product, which should be stored in cool places with little or no light. You can avoid the light by wrapping up the oil with a cloth or napkin. Commonly used dispensing nozzles (such as the ones used in common olive oil sprayers), can also facilitate the oxidation and should be avoided. It is advisable to consume the oil as soon as possible after its opening, so it’s better to store it in smaller packages, that are consumed as soon as they are open.

Olive Oil for All Tastes

The color of the oil can sometimes indicate nuances in its flavor. Usually, the greenest oil has fruity aromas and flavors. When tasted, are typically used small bottles and specific size, color cobalt blue that prevent the trader is influenced by the color of the liquid. Before the tasting the cup is heated for a few seconds in your palm, which causes the release of the juice’s aroma. The taster then absorbs some of the liquid the same way a wine-taster does, pulling it through the air and spreading it with her tongue across her mouth so she can taste it.

The aroma of the oil should not indicate any shortcomings with it. Its taste should be fruity and may contain other flavorings including herbs, plants or olive paste. It may also contain some important traits, like bitterness or spiciness, indicating the presence of polyphenols. Elements such as metallic taste, sourness or other negative factors are noticeable acidity on the palate, and indicate a low-quality oil.

Usually, the lighter olive oil is most suitable to be used in salads, vegetables and white meats. The most pronounced olive oils are best utilized in red meat and cooked.

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

In general, the Mediterranean diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, the consumption of unrefined cereals, nuts, seeds, pulses, dairy-based cheese and yogurt, consumption of fish, eggs and birds, rather than red meat, wine, and especially red wine with meals. Mediterranean people take about four or five simply prepared daily meals at the table with family or friends. Ingredients mostly [...]

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The Healing Power Of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a common staple in Mediterranean cuisine for centuries. The Greeks and Romans used it for a myriad of purposes ranging from medicinal use, to cooking and beautification. It is pressed from olives in their most natural form. Cold pressing allows the oils to be squeezed from the fruit and collected. In its most natural or [...]

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Olive Oil Production and Extraction Process

Nowadays, you get olive oil in a way very similar to what our ancestors used thousands of years ago: harvesting the olives, shredding and squeezing, to milling (olive paste), which separates the olive oil decanted. What happened was a change, a great evolution, with the instruments of production.The Greeks used wooden presses, and the Romans used conical stone presses, moved [...]

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It’s the Ingredients That Make the Meal

Want to impress your friends at the dinner party? The Olive Tap offers the perfect oils, tapanades, and vinegar to wow your guests!With these ingredients, your guests will say you should have your own television cooking show. You can tell your friends, “Give me some extra virgin olive oil, a tomato, some greens, some broth, a lemon, and [...]

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Olive Oil for a Total Scalp Treatment

Besides the many other benefits, olive oil for scalp will aid in keeping the scalp moist is just one of the many benefits of using olive oil. It is also good for other scalp ailments that you may have such as dry scalp, dandruff, an itchy scalp.Most people that see someone repeatedly scratching their head assume there is [...]

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Traditional Foods – Olives

Shopping for olives: You can get them in all various kinds. You can purchase them with pimentos, or stuffed. Quite a few speculate how this food became an essential part of Ancient way of life and huge component of their diet plan.Historic Greeks applied olives as there key method to obtain extra fat as opposed to steak, simply [...]

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Olive Oil for Scalp

Some say that this oil comes with a range of health and beauty benefits. One beauty benefit is that it will aid in keeping the scalp moisturized. It is also good for other scalp ailments that you may have such as dry scalp, dandruff, an itchy scalp.Most people that see someone repeatedly scratching their head assume there is [...]

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Italian Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet - Great Gift Idea For The EVOO Lover

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

When considering the health benefits of olive oil, it is best to incorporate other factors as well. Exercise and diet are also the two things under most people’s control. The oil at The Olive Tap is pure, straight from the oil presses in Modena, Italy. The health benefits most definitely have a list of their own.Finding time in your busy [...]

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