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It’s the Ingredients That Make the Meal

Posted by Rick Petrocelly on

Want to impress your friends at the dinner party? The Olive Tap offers the perfect oils, tapanades, and vinegar to wow your guests!

With these ingredients, your guests will say you should have your own television cooking show. You can tell your friends, “Give me some extra virgin olive oil, a tomato, some greens, some broth, a lemon, and any kind of pasta. I’ll wow you with a dish that will make you beg for more.” That's because at The Olive Tap, they aim to impress. Their products are fresh, and renowned. They make one say “ah, this is nice”.

Want a spectacular salad? The secret is two things: lettuce that you’ve spun dry or blotted dry with paper towels and a really good extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle the oil on the lettuce, toss, splash it with some good vinegar, sprinkle with sea salt, and toss.

Using only olive oils, and not vegetable oils, is a key. Imagine cooking for your guest, a delicious meal of pasta, tossing it with some luscious looking shrimp and cherry tomatoes. Then, the guests watched in horror as you open the pantry and pull out a half-gallon clear plastic container of something labeled pure vegetable oil. One could ruin an entire dish, by using the wrong oil. The Olive Tap gives you food pairing suggestions, so that you don't make this kind of mistake.

Using the wrong sort of oils, what should be a wonderful combination of choice ingredients will be an oily tasting disappointment. If you choose your oil as carefully as the jumbo shrimp, it would have been superb.

You can gift your dinner guests, with a lovely bottle of a really fragrant extra virgin olive oil. They will see, smell, and taste the difference.

Browse The Olive Tap today for recipes, and food pairing suggestions. Your dinner will be a hit, and your guests will be content. 

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