Grilling Food Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilling Food Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

27th Jul 2018

With the summer months in full-swing people are starting to grill summer favorites whenever possible. Taking that into consideration, there are a considerable amount of dishes that can be grilled using extra virgin olive oil. Gourmet extra virgin olive oil can provide the same flavor on a grill as it does baking, or used on a stove top. 

Whether you’re aiming to grill vegetables or meats, gourmet extra virgin olive oil can serve as a major aid in the process. Additionally, olive oil can be purchased in a spray bottle to marinade your food, and to help prevent sticking. Several foods that can easily be grilled using gourmet extra virgin olive oil include the following:

Grilled Chicken Thighs

Grilled chicken is an incredibly common dish that extra virgin olive oil is commonly used with. Chicken should marinade for at least four hours before being grilled. Along with a half of a cup of extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, garlic and kosher salt also go amazingly well with grilled chicken & olive oil. When using those ingredients, remember to mix them all in a bowl separate from the extra virgin olive oil. The gourmet extra virgin olive oil should be incorporated into the mix slowly to spread the flavor throughout the mixture.

Grilled Brussel Sprouts

Grilled Brussel Sprouts aren’t as common as chicken thighs, but they are just as delicious. They’re much smokier than when boiled. Along with the additional smokiness, they don’t have as poignant a stench as boiled brussel sprouts either. Before putting brussel sprouts on the grill, simply boil them with a small pinch of gourmet extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can cook them on the grill over a fire until they noticeably start to char.

Grilled Broccoli

When sliced into small pieces, toss them into a bowl of gourmet extra virgin olive oil. Afterwards, feel free to toss them onto the grill. Once they’re on the grill, feel free to flip them over on occasion once grill marks start to appear. When the broccoli appears to be finishing up on the grill, it helps to add salt and pepper along with an extra sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil. For easier grilling, it helps to cut the larger heads of the broccoli into longer, flatter portions. 

Grilling broccoli is an unconventional way to incorporate a routine vegetable into your diet. Cooking broccoli with extra virgin olive oil instead of boiling it or cooking it with grease also helps the broccoli retain its nutrients.

Grilling with Olive Oil adds Taste

Having the opportunity to grill with extra virgin olive oil opens up your menu to so many new dishes. If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to add, healthy yet enjoyable meals the opportunity to grill using extra virgin olive oil is ideal for you. If you’ve been seeking gourmet extra virgin olive oil to incorporate into your menu this summer, it’s time to get familiar with The Olive Tap! The Olive Tap has an extensive variety of gourmet flavored olive oils that will enhance your meals in ways you’ve never thought possible. To learn more about what you can find at The Olive Tap, get in contact today!