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Spanish Gold 100% PDO Estepa Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by Jennifer Thornton on

Andalucia, the Southern region in Spain, is known for many cultural elements. Flamenco dancers and singers are at their best here. Bullfights and férias match the intensity of the sun and heat. Splendid cross-cultural architecture and gleaming white villages glisten across the landscape. The rolling hills are speckled with ancient olive trees, which can more realistically be described as oceans of olive trees, and olive oil is produced in higher quantities here more than any other region in the world.

Andalucia in fact represents 80% of Spain’s total olive oil production. Among Andalucia’s sprawling acres, 93,000 of those acres are reserved for a high quality PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, called PDO ESTEPA. PDO signifies a Designation of Protected Origin, or in other words, all the olives used to make Estepa olive oil must be grown on certified lands in the Estepa areas. These areas are mostly in the province of Sevilla and a small area in the province of Córdoba.

We are very pleased to offer PDO Estepa 100% Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil as our popular Spanish Gold EVOO this year.

The Estepa label was created in 2004 to recognize this special olive oil and set it apart because of its history, tradition, and quality. The quality is indeed remarkable and the acidity of the oil is below .3%. It is a highly awarded olive oil which has taken prizes in the most prestigious of olive oil competitions; it has won several Mario Solinas awards, the international competition run by the International Olive Council.

PDO Estepa EVOO is made of the typical Andalucian varieties, of which Hojiblanca is dominant. Hojiblanca lends the characteristic flavor and distinct qualities of this special oil. This olive oil has intense green notes of fresh herb, almond, apple, green banana skin, and tomato leaf.It is ideal over cooked vegetables and on grilled or marinated fish. Try it in this typical Andalucian cold soup Ajo Blanco, a perfect dish for summer or a healthy choice any time of year. Olé!