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  • Lemon Vincotto

Lemon Vincotto

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Product Description

Source:  Italy

Lemon Vincotto is a versatile condiment that will enhance the flavor of roasted meats, fish, fruit salads, ice cream, desserts and cocktails. Grilled meats and seafood take on a richer flavor with a little dash of Lemon Vincotto.  A teaspoonful mixed into yogurt, fruit and chopped almonds make a healthful and refreshing dessert.  Absolutely exceptional when drizzled over aged, hard cheeses such as Pecorino, Asiago, and Parmesan Reggiano.

Vincotto, literally translated is cooked wine.  According to great Italian Chefs, Vincotto is sweet, velvety vinegar with the subtle overtones of spices, grapes and prunes.  Vincotto is made from two varieties of grapes, Negroamaro and Black Malvasia grapes.  Artisans take the “must”; reduce it to one fifth of its initial volume, thereby creating syrup.  The syrup is then aged in oak barrels with the “mother” or starter, of the vinegar.  All of The Olive Tap Vincottos are aged four years and they do not contain any colorants or preservatives.

Lemon Vincotto is one of seven delicious flavors available! (Sold separately)

Use by Date:  3 Years from Purchase Date

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