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3 Reasons That Make Oil and Vinegar The Perfect Gift!

Posted by Jennifer Thornton on

This Christmas, give the gift that represents tradition, quality, and originality; give the gift of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why The Olive Tap olive oils and Balsamic vinegars are indeed the perfect gift.

- Artisan quality for the amateur to accomplished gourmets.
There is a growing conscientiousness about food...where it comes from and what it should taste like. Gourmets of all skill levels are in the kitchen and eager to use exciting ingredients. Extra virgin olive oils of single varietals or blends from artisanal mills in Sicily, Spain, Greece, Chile, California and more make the ideal gourmet gift. Fusion crushed olive oils such as Basil Olive Oil or Jalapeño Olive Oil are the highest quality 'flavored' oils available. Our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is actually from Modena, Italy and artisan made according to Italian practices. We feature our individual products in hundreds of recipes on our website; consider printing out the corresponding recipes to accompany the particular oil or vinegar.

-Unique enough to impress everyone on your list.

Before gift-wrapping another pair of socks, box of chocolates, or bottle of wine, surprise them with something original, useful, and fun. Olive oil and Balsamic or Specialty Vinegars are always received with rave reviews...and your recipient won't have to return or re-gift it!

-A healthy product to ring in the New Year.

After the egg nog and the Christmas cookies come the New Year's resolutions and everyone's pledge to eat healthier. Olive oil has so many health benefits, from heart and joints, to obesity and diabetes; olive oil is rich in healthy fats and powerful antioxidants. Vinegar's health benefits are many and they date back to Hippocrates when he prescribed an elixir of vinegar to cure many an ailment. It controls your blood sugar, keeps your heart healthy, and is anti-bacterial. Substituting olive oil and vinegar for processed salad dressings is a vibrant and flavorful to keep your salads healthy!