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Italian Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet - Great Gift Idea For The EVOO Lover

Posted by Rick Petrocelly on

When it comes to giving exceptional gifts, you want to make sure you go with the best!

Take the upcoming holidays for instance. With the help of some really neat online shops one is able to indulge the latest fancy for kitchen accessories. Not just any kitchen accessory of course, but those designed for olive oil.

Some containers are used to store boughtolive oil. Remember… olive oil should never be stored in clear glass sitting out where light can get to it. Light degrades the quality of the oil. So the containers for storage should be of ceramic or other material that prevents light from reaching the EVOO or keep the bottle in the pantry when you’re not using it.

Other containers are used to serve olive oil, for example, drizzle cruets. These cruets have a drizzle pour spout that do exactly what the name implies, drizzle olive oil over hot pasta or crusty bread.

Traditional containers used to serve olive oil along with vinegar to create oil and vinegar dressing at the table come in many styles and varieties. Now that one knows how to make a great salad dressing using just a really great EVOO and a quality aged balsamic vinegar, I’m getting a set of cruets for that purpose just for me. I haven’t decided on the style yet. There are so many to choose from.

Regardless of whether the container is for storage or drizzling or pairing with a vinegar container to any kitchen.

The cruets one can order from are special indeed, but I’m going a step beyond by pairing a special extra virgin olive oil with the beautiful container.

Exquisite, unusual cruets plus a quality extra virgin olive oil equals a gift that keeps on giving in beauty, flavor, and health benefits for years to come.

Don’t you think that’s what a good gift should do? The Olive Tap offers great gift baskets and more. Browse their site to view the full selection of their ranges. These are timeless gifts that are sure to be appreciated by office mates, in-laws, or party hosts.