Snacks that Go Great With Olive Oil

Snacks that Go Great With Olive Oil

6th Nov 2018

If you’re seeking new ways to enjoy snacking with friends without sacrificing your weight-loss goals, adding olive oil to your favorite snacks can help tremendously. Additionally, the best snacks that go great with olive oil come in the form of familiar snacks. If you have a bottle of gourmet olive oil don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to make a full-course meal in order to get the full value of the bottle. You can easily enhance some quick, easily-made dishes using olive oil.

Grilled Cheese

Using olive oil instead of traditional cooking oil can work remarkably well on a traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Replacing cooking oil with a gourmet olive oil can also lead to a multitude of health benefits that come as a result of making the switch. The addition of olive oil into the traditional grilled cheese recipe is relatively simple. All it takes is a quick addition of olive oil on each slice of bread instead of butter. Along with a nicer texture, you’ll also notice more flavor when olive oil is used. The next time you decide on a grilled cheese, consider using gourmet olive oil as part of the process.

Olive Oil Popcorn

Olive oil popcorn is simply a way of putting a healthy twist on a classic snack. Clearly, popcorn can be made either in a microwave or stovetop. Regardless of how you like your popcorn, adding a sprinkling of gourmet olive oil can have a fantastic effect on the dish. Along with olive oil, a little bit of salt and pepper can also bring a lot to a bowl of popcorn. Before you know it, olive oil will become a must-have to compliment your popcorn. It’s a healthy, tasty alternative to excessive amounts of butter.

Frying Eggs With Olive Oil

If you frequently enjoy eggs in the morning, you likely already have a good idea of how much grease is involved. Replacing butter or cooking oil with a gourmet olive oil can serve as a much healthier alternative. Additionally, dipping an egg in olive oil is worth considering. 

It’s a great way to add flavor while taking away from the fat involved with frying eggs. Once you become accustomed to using olive oil instead of traditional cooking oil when it comes to eggs in the morning, you’ll consider using olive oil for all of your meals!

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Replacing cooking oil with gourmet olive oil could provide you with countless health benefits, and more fulfilling meals. If you have any questions regarding your next olive oil purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at The Olive Tap for more information.