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  • Mango

    The unmistakable aroma and flavor of ripe Mango in a sweet and complex Riserva grade White Balsamic condiment results in a product destined to become one of The Olive Tap’s all-time favorites.   From the...

  • Margarita Key Lime Grilling Sauce

    This grilling sauce absolutely explodes with the flavor of Key Limes and fresh Cilantro! A touch of Jalapeno Pepper give this sauce the perfect edge. We love this sauce on swordfish, but really any seafood would excel with...

  • Mean Jean's Hot Sauce

    Totally original and full of the south of the border flavor. A blend of jalapeno peppers, fresh tomatoes and special herbs and spices. 5 oz.

  • Merlot Wine Steak Sauce

    The sophisticated flavor of merlot wine is combined with plum and other spices to create this unique sauce. Use it as a finishing sauce, marinade or even for dipping on your favorite meats. Great with red meats, poultry and...

  • Mesquite Seasoning

    A sweet and smoky blend of Sea Salt, dehydrated vegetables(onion, tomato,celery), spices and natural smoke flavor. Use in soups, sauces or marinades whenever your looking for a mesquite flavor. For an authentic Southwestern...

  • Meyer Lemons on tree

    Fresh sweet Meyer Lemon aroma upfront with exceptional balance and long lasting citrus flavor. It has a fresh zesty lemon finish, making it an ideal choice when you want the Meyer Lemon flavor to be the star of your dish...

  • Mia's Blend 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Just like its namesake, this popular Olive Tap house blend is bold, fresh, sweet and just a little bit sassy.  It is a proprietary combination of Italian and Spanish varietals from an Award Winning American producer...

  • Montana Steak Seasoning

    This all natural seasoning features coarse sea salt, blended with black pepper, onion, garlic, dill seed, coriander seed, crushed red pepper, cumin and dill and contains no added MSG.  Try it on grilled steaks, chops...

  • Butter

    Any lover of butter will certainly appreciate our Natural Buttery Olive Oil.  One of our exclusive artisan producers creates this absolutely decadent oil by selecting a smooth, creamy and buttery 100% Extra Virgin Olive...

  • Olive Oil Tin Tidbit Dish

    This tidbit dish (4 3/4" in diameter) is decorated with a classic olive oil tin and olive branches.  Of course, we love it for olive oil and vinegar bread dipping, but the culinary usage applications are truly endless...

  • Olia di Oliva Tidbit Dish

    Decorated with olive branches, this tidbit dish (4 3/4" in diameter) is perfect for bread dipping with your favorite Olive Tap Olive Oil!  Designed by artist Jill Butler.  Microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Olive Bottle Tidbit Dish

    This tidbit dish (4 3/4" in diameter) is decorated with a classic-look bottle of olive oil.  Of course, we love it for olive oil and vinegar bread dipping, but the culinary usage applications are truly endless.  A...

  • Orange Vincotto

    Try Orange Vincotto over your favorite desserts including cheesecake, ice cream and grilled fruits!  To end a meal, mere drops of Orange Vincotto will give a sweet tang to vanilla ice cream, peaches or pears. ...

  • Originale Vincotto

    Using a traditional family recipe, Vincotto is made from 100% grape must using two varieties of over-ripened black grapes, Negroamaro and Malvasia.   The "must" is reduced to one fifth of its original volume over a low...

  • Peaches

    “Amazing, Oh my Gosh, and Wow” are just some of the accolades Peach Balsamic Vinegar has received since its introduction.  One of the hottest selling balsamic vinegars we have ever introduced, we believe it...

  • Pears

    The bright clean taste of fresh pears and a premium white balsamic vinegar come together to form the most perfectly flavored Pear Balsamic Vinegar we have ever tasted! One taste and we're sure you will agree. It is...

  • Tuscan Herb Olive Oil / Aceto 4 Balsamic Vinegar Pairing

    Our Top Selling Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar is one Perfect Pairing at a Special Price! Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, with its flavors of Garlic, Basil, Oregano and Rosemary makes a superb Italian Vinaigrette and Marinade when...

  • Perfect Pepper Seasoning

    This special blend of 8 different peppers, seasonings and spices provides a rounded heat.  This prodcut is all natural and contains no added MSG. Try Perfect Pepper Seasoning on ribs, wings, steaks and pork roast...

  • Persian Limes

    A perennial Olive Tap favorite from an Award Winning producer. Our Persian Lime Olive Oil is smooth with a punch of lime and zest; with hints of pear and apple. It exhibits a fragrant, yet delicate citrus characterl. ...

  • Pink Peppercorns In Jar

    While actually not true peppercorns, these colorful creations are actually berries from the Baies Rose Plant. While pungent and slightly sweet, these peppercorns are often used as colorful, flavorful additions to sauces,...